this week my rose was wire wrapping my bud is the weekend my thorn was 9 18 5 12 1 14 4 is a 10 5 18 11 well that’s it for my rose, bud thorn so yeah on Monday I played outside with Luke and watched youtube with luke so yeah on Tuesday I play a game with luke and I had cater like powers see Kane chronicles for more . one Wednesday I did my work a lot. on Thursday I played watched  youtube with luke on Friday I wire wrapped crystals so that’s my week  bye

mymy weeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk bois and girls

welcome to my blog you wanted to see this so here’s my week perfect grammar lol jk. on Monday I played the dragon game it was so fun we shot fire at our enemies. on Tuesday we play the magic game it was so fun we blasted everything it was so fun and it should have been a movie on Wednesday Jackson came to my house just thought I should mention that on Thursday me and Jackson and luke blasted things into oblivion in a game and now. Friday we had aa ………………………. a wATER BALLON FIGHT. I brought my water gun lol it was so fun we blasted each other it was  the bessssttttttt  well that’s my week hope you enjoyed byeeeee

my week

on Monday I played the dragon game with luke Ari Tessa it was so fun we flew around on imaginary dragons it was so fun. on Tuesday I practised for the play the series of unfortunate events it was quite hard but fun. on Wednesday  I supported Ethan in the crossing of from roots to branches it was kinda formal kinda not but that’s how we roll. on Thursday I explored the roots space with luke it was so fun we checked out the chickens they were so cute :3 then we played inside . on Friday me and luke and Jodyyn and Kamal played switch and Minecraft. well that’s my week hopped you enjoyd


welcome to my blog is awesome today I did an awesome plan I pretend to betray my friends and join the other clan and then I summoned the wither in the other clans base invisibly it was awesome well byeeeeeeeeee


today I did Minecraft hunger games with my friends it was awesome we split up into different clans it was hilarious well got to go    byyyyyyeee


welcome back to mosiac first week back YAY well thats preety much it byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee






yall didint think Id leave you hanging did ya i want to show you something

https://www.prodigygame.com/Play/ it is math game using turn based combat it’s great try it out well thats it for today bye


this week was reeeeeeelly boring so instead I will show you this https://www.prodigygame.com/Play/   it is a game with  m@th but a good game so check it out byyyyyyye